Thursday, October 7, 2010

doctors, babys, boyfriends... i guess the letter of the day is B

sorry i haven't been posting.. I've felt like shit on a stick these past two days. and yet i some how manage to walk the 45 min walk to work every day and then home -that is what i call commitment.

i went to the doctors yesterday (with no help from anyone because despite my boyfriends good heart and spirit, he can be a bit of a tool and forgets i have an appointment so he goes to smoke weed all day... even though I'm pretty much single handedly supporting us as it is.. since hes been layed off since 2 weeks after we met and cant find a fucking job- sorry for the mini rant, blame it on the h-h-hh-hormones) baby's fine even though it wont sit still for the sonogram.
I've decided not to find out the sex until its born- their are so little surprises left in life ill take what i can get. 
also, I'm a fucking fat pregnant cow and i cant fucking fit in to my BEAUTIFUL birthday dress any more. it fucking pisses me off. i bought the dress about 3 months ago and right away i was like "I'm saving this for my birthday because its fucking perfect!" but no... i look like a stuffed sausage BEFORE i zipper it up i didn't even try to get the sipper because i knew that would just piss me off. then for literally 3 hours i just cried,and cried, and cried by the time i was done crying i wasn't even thinking about the dress anymore my boyfriend walked in the room and i  threw it at him and told him he was going to leave me for a skinny chick. i don't know if I'm just crazy or its the hormones but this has got to stop. before i drive everyone just as crazy as i am.

oh and i got weighed at the doctors, I'm not even going to say how much... just know its way too much.

theres the baby bump! its not quite huge.. but its noticeable.. and sorry my face is cut off.. that's what you get when you tell an 11 year old " make sure you get the belly!"

-yoga DVD
- try not to wait up for the bf even though i want to lock the dead bolt before i go to sleep
-look for affordable apartments so we can move out before we tell his mom

breakfast- a glass of OJ and a spoonful of nutella
-lunch- frozen peas straight out of the freezer and a diet caffeine-free coke
-diner- 3 chicken nuggets, an orange, and an Oreo
other- lots and lots of water.

i got my first comment at some point while i was away! thank you so much miss Lovelybones <3 I'm glad you like  my girls name. with my luck ill never think of a boys name and it will end up in fact being Bryan Bryan... think he'll get teased for that? nahhhhh :)
(ps keep em comming it gives me motovation to wright more )
i also got my first follower!!! purple_chick_undercover. thanks soo much for following me i hope you love what you read :)
so like right after i put this up my bad knee went out. i stood up and fell right back down. it hurts a lot.. but instead of crying for hours again i figured id take it out on the keyboard by typing really hard as I'm looking for my knee brace.

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  1. Hey love!!!!
    Haha If I was in your shoes I would totally lock him out :)
    Haha I mean you shouldn't be worrying about him you should be getting lots of sleep, for your own sake haha



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