Monday, October 11, 2010

i got my pizza and movie night with my man!!

it made me happy :)
i got home from work today and he rented "chickflix from the indie section" as he put it. i love indie movies, they just seem more real. that and i love fucked up plots and it seems like indie movies have alot more selection of fucked up plots
juno, minis first time, kids, hard candy, the tracy fragments,and donnie darko :)
we only ended up watching juno hard candy and kids before he got tired and passed out.. but its ok because chelcea lately is about to come on lol
we got dominos too i had chicken bacon tomato pizza .... he had pepperoni...boring
but we cuddled and watched movies and it was cute! i had such a good day :)  for a change i have nothing to rant about... proud of me? i am
so on to the dailys :

breakfast- i got a large ice coffee from mcdonalds on the way to work (just dont tell anyone)
lunch- easy mac on the way to the park with the baby
dinner- HAPPY CLOUMBUS DAY! my boss made a big italian meal... lost of pasta, meatballs,manacati,and biscotti...yumm <3
after diner-- pizza with the boyfriend

god i ate alot today :/

Xo-glass-slippers-oX- lol yes i got trashed but i wish i hadnt, because it can do alot of damage to the baby :( i read your blog though... sounds like you had alot of fun :)
One day death will come to collect you - thankies! im trying to eat more.... i ate like a cow today though

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  1. it probs would have been more fun if I could remember most of the night...
    It can do alot to the baby so you must be super super careful from now on sweetie! xx
    Sounds like had the most perfect day!!!



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