Sunday, October 10, 2010

ahh the weekends over !

don't you just hate that?
i know i do.  i think the weekend should be longer. four days will suffice :)

anyway on to my crazy weekend... and how I'm probably the only person on the face of the world who could possibly ACCIDENTALLY get drunk. i swear i had no idea i was even consuming alcohol.

lets start the story off where it began.
Friday night, after i got home from work i planned on having a quite pizza&movie night with the boyfriend-the boyfriend planned on taking his PREGNANT fat girlfriend to a house party where she would be the only sober person within 500 feet. guess who's plans happened.

so we get to said party and I'm sitting on the couch people watching feeling really awkward and pissed off because if I'm going to go to a party i either want to get shitfaced... or i don't want to go at all. but there i was. sober. surrounded by a bunch of unfamiliar faces. random drunk girl who kept asking me to take a shot with her was pissing me off. i didn't want to be there.
so i ask AJ- one of the few people i knew there- if there was any soda to drink.. and he gets me a glass of coke.. i was drinking it and it had a really weird aftertaste but i was like... maybe its an off brand or something... and kept drinking.
7-10 cups later i couldn't walk. and i couldn't figure out why i felt so drunk i went through the house looking for my boyfriend... and of course he was in the one place i wasn't going to attempt to go... in the basement playing pool. i was being a little over dramatic ill admit... but he did leave me alone in a place I've never been, and i am hormonal,pregnant and at the time-drunk- when i finally found him i started crying about how the coke was drugged and i didn't mean to get drunk (so I'm told, i really don't remember this at all) so i went to aj and told him i think someone slipped something in to the coke (and i do remember this part) so he goes "oh shit that's right your knocked up, I've been giving you vodka and coke all night my bad "


other things that apparently happened on Friday that i don't remember:
-apparently my boyfriend dumped me for drinking..for about 20 mins until aj cleared things up
- i face planted in to the bathtub.. which explains my black eye- but i was thankfully caught by my boyfriend BEFORE the rest of me went down (meaning he saved the baby... even though AJ may have fucked it up for life)
- i went around complaining about my fat stomach... typical me.
-i kicked like 4 peoples ass in wii boxing :)
-nobody knows how... but i have 4 really big scratch marks going up my leg
- i was apparently dead set on figuring out how i could buy an oompa loompa and keep it as a pet

have i mentioned AJ is a dumbass?

no TO DO today I'm still recovering from my weekend.

breakfast-  a spoonful of nutella
lunch-  Nada
dinner- a large fry at McDonald's

Xo-glass-slippers-oX - thankies darling im really starting to get attached to gia:) i ended up walking down to his friends house storming in to the house (very rudely not saying a word to any of his loser dirt bag friends) walked up to him and said "if you don't come home with me like now, I'm locking the deadbolt and your ass can sleep on the fucking porch or here in this roach infested white trash shithole " then i smiled and said hi to the girl i hate the most that lives there and was like " oh hey angel... looks good in here... the rebel flags don't make you guys look like white trash crack heads at all" and started to walk out... he followed me like i hoped he would :)

and another follower!
Brigit is now a follower! this makes me happy :)


  1. Now it seems I wasn't the only one who got wasted on the weekend... I was soooooo bad! Read my blog haha.

    Gia is pretty! but Bryan Bryan?!!!! lol another name may be needed maybe...
    You go girl, good on you for standing up 2 him!!!! haha he needs to learn that atm your the number one and he has to understand that!

  2. I like your blog.^^
    But don't hurt your a little:)



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