Monday, October 18, 2010

so it went from "i miss youso much" to "why are you here i had plans"?

so i officially moved in at my bosses ( mostly because its easyer then walking 45 mins At 6am every morning) i moved in Thursday night after i posted. Friday i spent the night settling my self in my new room and trying to give this whole sleeping alone thing a fair chance. he has no cell. i have no cell and he has no computer. so really, neither one of us have a real way to get in contact with each other. Friday night he got on facebook at his friend kevin's house (i hate when he goes over there usually because its a KNOWN crack house.. not kevin but all the rest of the 10 people who live in that tiny little single wide trailer) and all night he was like baby i miss you i cant wait to see you again blah blah blah bullshit blah. so Saturday afternoon i show up at the bryan house and he looks at me like wtf. i say "well don't get so exited to see me calm down stop jumping for joy" kidding of course, and his reply was "me and AJ were supposed to get high as fuck and go see jackass 3d tonight" how he was going to pay for a movie ticket with out me? i have no clue. but i was like " i wanna see that so bad you guys can get high or whatever but i still wanna see it too. then he gets in to this long ass rant about how i cant just show up at any time and how i don't live there any more so i should call and how i ruined his plans so just forget it we'll just watch tv and relax all night.
sketchy much? i think so.
but i wasn't about to fight with him again so i kinda just tuned him out after "you ruined my plans"

also because i have a "girl crush" on Katy perry (who's on the cover of this months cosmo) he has convinced himself that I'm bi, and it weirds him out. I'm weirded out that hes weirded out because 1. I'm not bi, although i kinda wish i was because that would make being single a little easyer, and 2.aren't guys like... hardwired to think that's hot anyway?. he as also convinced himself that since i am apparently bi, my pregnant ass is going to leave him for a chick. not just any chick but my friend renay who happens to be bi, but honestly if i was bi i think i could do better then renay (sorry renay i still love you <3)

all yesterday and today i have had to hear about how i ruined his plans and how he wants to kick AJs ass on madden 10. and how because of me he cant, meanwhile AJ invited him AND his "wife" (that being me.)

urgh i kinda almost feel since we've dropped the "l" word our relationship has slowly started to fall apart. but i don't regret it because i know in my heart i do love him.. idk
advice would be greatly appreciated right now <3
on to the daily crap-

uhm.... about that today... does semen count?

comments <3
Xo-glass-slippers-oX - I'm not sure whats going to happen and it scares me to death. and i know i should eat more but food makes me sick... like i think this baby already is bulimic because everything i try to eat just comes back up:/ except cum for some reason i can keep that down (hey its protein and sugar right?)

Skin and Bones- yea i hope everything gets better i love him but lately it doesn't seem to get any better :(

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  1. WOW, so according to your boyfriend your ruining his plans because your alterative motives is to be bi and run off with your friends.... no offence but that boy must be high all the time!!!

    I dunno if the baby is but you should just try eating some baby food, thats always a good start love (and also can be like the baby food diet)



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