Sunday, October 3, 2010


so this is me, and 18 year old spoiled brat from the suburbs of new york, trying to make it out on my own in the little town of Athens Georgia.. i thought it was going to be easy doing it on my own, getting away from the restrictions of my mothers house, over bearing Italian grandmother, and all the expectations and rules of living at home. i was wrong, oh god was i wrong!
but being me, pride and all- i refuse to let my family know how much I'm struggling to keep my head above water. how i caved in and got on food stamps, how i lived in a shed for a month, how i begged people at a yard sale to give me some clothes for a dollar. i simply refuse to let them be aware of it. for all they know I'm doing amazing living life on my own.
kids always cant wait to grow up, but once we grow up.... we want to be kids again. deep down i seriously regret leaving my almost perfect life for this- government assistance, yard sale begging, and living in a shed.. yea great move on my part.

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