Thursday, October 14, 2010

the last few days have sucked.

hey guys sorry its been a couple days... its been a big drama filled mess
between the fact that I'm pregnant, and the fact that my boyfriends mom is kicking us out at the end of the month,we have both just been super stressed.
every  thing was going great. we watched more of my movies, sat around all day Wednesday and played UFC on his xbox ,ate, went to play with AJ for a bit we took some really really cute "couple pics" that i absolutely loved... then we got home... and i swear world war 3 broke out in the Bryan house.
i wanted to fuck... plain and simple.. i wanted attention... is that so wrong? but god forbid i want some affection while the Georgia bull dogs are on(it was a fuckin RERUN of last Saturday's game...which he made my hungover ass watch anyway.)  like seriously? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? so i was like fuck it ill do it my damn self... and i started... uhm.... doing my thing so to speak... and he gets all pissy at me and storms out of the i take a nap when I'm ....achem.. finished
i woke up and my camera mysteriously moved from one end of the room to the other... hmmm
he deleted all the fucking pics on my goddamn camera.. i was LIVID... in fact... i still am. that was fucked up...

i  stormed in to the living room screaming at the top of my lungs (don't worry kiddies, mama Bryan wasn't home)  i was calling him every name in the book ... and then some ii made up off the top of my head when i couldn't think of anymore... but the basic idea of my rant went something like this " YOUR A FUCKING LOSER, WHEN YOUR BOYFRIENDS FRIENDS TELL YOU YOU RE WAY TOO GOOD FOR HIM THAT'S GOTTA MEAN SOMETHING, I MEAN COME ON YOU DROPPED OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL WHEN YOU WERE 15, YOU'RE 21 AND STILL DON'T EVEN HAVE A FUCKING GED YOUR A LOSER.. WHY AM I EVEN WITH YOU"  for the record, I'm well aware i used alot of low blows.. and im also aware that i went overboard. then he got all pissed and shut down. so i went in to the bedroom  and started packing my shit up, he came in and asked me "wtf are you doing?" i told him if he cant even take pics with me he must be embarrassed of me and  he shouldn't have to be with someone hes embarrassed of
he takes the garbage with all my shit in it and throws it all over the fucking room.
i threw his cellphone out the door
he throws my lammy ( the stuffed animal I've had since birth) out the door
i start throwing cds and xbox games around the room
i think he ran out of options at this point so he threw an empty can of coke at me
i attacked his ass.
i full on took out my earrings and jumped on him screaming and yelling and throwing punches
all i saw was red, all i could think about was how much i hated him a the moment.

then AJ shows up at the door, like "heyguyswhatsup!" and i collect myself and talk with him for a min and completely ignore the fact my boyfriend even exists. then i start getting my stuff back together. and put in the garbage bag. and all three of us get in the car, my boyfriends driving, I'm in the middle and  aj is in the passenger seat. my boyfriend tried to put his arm around me and i pulled the hair out of his hand. like did he forget the smack down we just had not even an hour ago? should i go get him an MRI since he's clearly starting to get altimeters.
so were like at my bosses house (where i have been staying the night for the past few days) when he whispers in my ears and is like  you know i love you right?) i look at him kiss him on the cheek and left the car. i haven't spoken to him since that night... witch makes this day two. meh... this all sounded more interesting in my head.
on to the daily stuffs

all day-4 fiberplus bars, lots of cherry juicyjuice.

yay! blackblack is now following me :) this makes me smile

Xo-glass-slippers-oX- i know it can... i haven't had a drop of alcohol since that night. and i don't plan to for quite some time.


  1. WOW that sounds like a massive blowout.... It probs just all the tension. whats going to happen sweetie?
    You need to eat a little more fruit and veggies sweetie... there intake isn't much, sometimes the don't even count as anything, but it will be good for the baby if you didxx
    HAHA no alcohol until you have the baby?! haha

  2. Sounds like a tough few days, hope things don't get worse. It's not good for you and the baby too.



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