Thursday, November 4, 2010

so saying "hey cutiepie" is cheating?..... only if its to a guy.

so my boyfriend is a paranoid prick.
my friends never liked him (most of them knew him from highschool... and those who didnt only heard about him from the people that did know him) but they were willing to give him a chance at the haloween party they were having. did i mention how much i had to whine to get him to go to this party because hes a crazy jahovah whitness, 2 months worth of whining and complaining every day. but i did get him to go (see pics at the bottom of the page for the highlights)

when things are good they are great. when things are bad they're ripyourhairoutandwanttokillababy bad.
we walked to the party because neither of us have a car at the moment, it was a really fun walk, he jokingly pointed out every guy who stared at me, i was talking in my Spanish accent that he loves, we jokingly fought over nothing i pretended to push him in a stream. it was fun.
then things went bad from there.
we get to the party and before we go up to my friends apartment, i ask him to please TRY to be socical, i dont think i ask much. im not asking him to run around the room talking to everyone and being every ones best friend like i tend to do. i was asking him to try to talk to new people, and to have fun... is that too much? if im asking too much of him someone please tell me.
so we get in to the apartment and i check my phone and i see aj called. so i call him back and  he wants to come to the party so i ask my friend sara if its alright with her she says its cool and that was the end of that, or so i thought.
my bf disappeared already so i go looking for him to tell him the good news thinking that since one of his friends are coming he'll be a little more comfortable. his response to me  telling him is "oh so your talking to my friends behind my back now! thats fucked up let me see the phone" its technically not my phone its the 11 year old i baby sit's phone so i was reluctant... and i was a little pissed that he flipped out on me for trying to do something nice. so i say no and put it on lock and put it in my bag.
aj gets to the party:
wait no, not aj- aj's sister,4 random Spanish dudes and aj show up to the party. i love aj's sister, since the day i met her  shes been like my big sister, and she seemed to make a good impression on sara because she didnt mind Bridgett staying but since i didnt know the 4 randoms, and sara didnt know the 4 randoms.... they had to go. and they did.
for some reason or another briget always has at least a grand on her in cash at any given time.... so when she realised that not only was it a Halloween party but sara's boyfriends birthday party,  her drunkenness takes over " OH ITS A BIRTHDAY PARTY TOO? do you guys drink? smoke?   oh you drink what do you drink? what kinda of vodka? how do you not know AJ GO GET THE BIGGEST BOTTLE OF GREY GOOSE AND  ...... sara sweetie what do you drink? AND A BOTTLE OF PATRONE"  at that point i pulled out my money and i was like hey if your going, get me a 24oz budlight (for the record 2 beers every 2 weeks is allowed.... ) and some "ciggerettes" (by ciggerettes i  mean altoids.... i go through like 5  packs a day lately)
so he brings my bf with him and thats when things got really really bad
when they get back from the store (with a 80$ bottle of vodka and a quite large bottle of patrone)  i was running around being the designated photographerand i guess at some point i used my phone because it was on the counter. were all talking laughing and my bf is even being really SOCICAL.... i was so proud.  then he abruptly has to "go to the bathroom" and he took my phone with out me noticing. when he comes out of the bathroom he grabs me by the arm and pulls me outside. when we get outside im like what i do?  he said " hey cutie? HEY CUTIE why the fuck are you calling other guys cutie?" ok now what he failed to either realize or mention is  i text "hey cutie" to EVERYONE female, male, dog, alien, it really doent matter, when saying hi its always hey cutie on texts.  this went from me trying to explain to him that if he looked at anytexts to any one, female or male the first text i send to anyone is always hey cutie, to him throwing a tantrum about how " i did him dirty" to me having an anxiety atack and hyperventilating and banging my wrists against the cast iron steps as hard as i could  ( i still have the bruise)  to him using the n word more times then id like to think about ( ive trained him well, but every now and then he relapses) to me getting fed up and screaming about how hes got a kid on the way and STILL has no job. i dont remember much after that until we were in the car on our way to the hotel aj,briget, clint, and i were staying at that night but apparently we made up.
im still a little pissed that he considers saying hey cutie cheating.

but any way this week is my birthday weekend.... well its the weekend im celebrating my birthday lol by birthday is technally next friday but thats ok. so im hoping to have a drama free weekend.... but i doubt thats gonna happen

i should rename this blog " my boyfriend is an ass hole" just saying.

before the party <3


singing  the new nelly song

me and sara

the infamous and mysterious AJ

aj and briget

jordan fondles peoples tits... what can i say

jordan and her sister

idk why but i like this pic

the girls, and my bf


  1. You are too cute! Love your first pic. :D

  2. OMG you are soooooo pretty!!!! OMG!!!!!
    Love your first and 2nd pic!!! AND
    Yeah no offence but your bf is an arse....... does he realise how over protective stalkerish he is?!
    how are you tho love haven't seen you on here FOREVER!!!!



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