Tuesday, November 9, 2010

it just hit me.

im getting nothing for my birthday.
every year since i can remember ive gotten minium  200$ in cash and what ever "big" thing i wanted  that year ( last year it was a chanel necklace and my coach bag i cant live without, the year before that it was the uggs i HAD to have in every color.. because i had to have them, the year before that.... i think it was a blackberry,,,  you get it) this year... i get nothing. i even have to make my own cake because ill be dammed if i dont at least get to blow out the candles.... and because my bf is a crazy jahovahs whitness, and lectures me every time i bring up my birthday.... i get nothing.
hopefully our friend teddy (whos loaded) will  get me something because that way ill atleast have some sort of phisical present ...

speaking of my crazy bf, hes a jahovahs whitness right? ok so my best friend called me today, didnt even say hi just goes " sooooo what happens when you two break up and the kids like  why doesnt my dad ever get me anything for my birthday or christmass? like what are you gonna tell it?" i thought about it for a seccond then jokingly  go.. " probably something like .... daddy doesnt love you thats why mommy gets you stuff because she loves you so so so much and daddys a loser who dosent celebrate stuff because he was poor growing up and his mom thought it was eayser to tell him the devil made holidays then to be like... uhm yea we have no money sorry"

is that fucked up of me?.... it was jokingly.... but still


  1. Lol, I hope you end up getting something for your birthday! If not you should go shopping for yourself or something! :-) btw love the blog!

  2. I hope you get something.... awww I wish I could send you something. hahaha lol love that!!!!! It would be funny if you said that :P



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