Tuesday, July 12, 2011

blah blah blah my over tired rambleing and some more pics :)

what to say what to say?
work is screwing me over as usual.... they put me back in training...
because work sucks i feel like a peice of shit
because i feel like a peice of shit i started cutting again.
and haveing panic attacks at work
and because i work at the worlds shittyst place to work i have no insurance
so in order to continue to recive my script for the drugs that keep me as sain as possible

but i have my tommi, and he is as understanding and careing ashe can be
for someone who has no idea whats really going on in my fucked up head at least
but i love him and hes trying to get a better job at a better place so i can be a stay at home gf
because he doesnt want me working almost  as much as i dont want to work :)
 mostly because he sees what this paticular job does to me
and how theyve been treating me even shittyer since ive started dating him
and how i was just not cut out to work.
he truly is as wonderful as i potray him :)

.....and now introducing my newest baby, jupy.... my teacup chiuaua.... tommi bought him for me in hopes it would cheer me up... it worked ...a little bit :)

and yes i did just wake up when i took these.... i literaly woke up to something licking my face.... and thats how i met my baby :)

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  1. Wow you look so gorgeous love!!!!!
    Tommi is such a sweetheart and a keeper



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