Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i feel isolated.

i feel horrible that i feel this way, but i do.

its come to the point that i have no friends that are just my friends. my best friend in georgia seems to be closer to my boyfriend then me and she tells him just about everything i say so its not like  i can rant and rave about him to her . i cant even go online for the most part without him leering over my shoulder to make sure im not "talking to other guys.
 i really do love him but at the same time i feel kinda trapped in my own skin. i have no one to vent to with out it going back to him, i have no one to call up and be like " my boyfriend is a fucking prick let me come over so i can talk shit about him for the next few hours and then go back home and feel refreshed and happy  with him again"

the only people we really even hang out with other then the best friend i mentioned, are his friends who are all two faced and apperently as soon as i leave the room telling him to leave me because im a "prissy yankee princess whos just going to leave him for someone with money eventually anyway" witch isnt true at all..

idk what to do anymore.

i feel like im slowly becoming a shell of my former self. nothing more

love you girls <3
i always come back eventually. sorry it takes so long to post. but like i said i rarely have time to myself ...

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  1. HEY Love your boyfriend sounds like a prick..... but you love him, understandable.
    if you ever need to talk to anyone email me



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